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A few years ago, a group of neighbors and friends started dreaming of a new church in the neighborhood that would be committed to the gospel and in bringing faith and flourishing to the neighborhood and the surrounding area. In 2019 the Lord called Luke Banner and his family to lead this work. Seeking to live missionally and practice discipleship as a way of life, the Banners moved into the neighborhood and started the process of building community.


In March of 2020, 40 people committed to being part of the initial core group that would form the nucleus of this new missional church that had been prayed over for years. The same week that these folks were planning to meet for the first time was the same week the world started 'sheltering-in-place' due to a new disease, Covid. Dismayed, confused, and uncertain of what was next, the Banners cancelled the event, labored in prayer, and made the decision to start the core group meeting the very next week, over Zoom. When the meeting began, 20 people were present. Over the next 6 weeks, this group immersed themselves in studying Acts 2:42-47, prayer, and sharing their lives together, albeit over Zoom. 

This core group not only caught a vision for what Mosaic Fellowship would be, but set the culture and DNA of the church to be a place of vulnerability, life-on-life discipleship, service, passion for the study of Scripture, outreach, and so much more. 

Slowly, this group started to grow. People were hearing how their friends' lives were being impacted by this new church and as they came, they stayed.

On December 6, 2020, Mosaic Fellowship held its first worship service, and saw over 50 people join as covenant family members. 

Today, Mosaic Fellowship has weekly worship and community groups, monthly men's and women's ministries, bi-weeky discipleship groups, a team devoted to poverty alleviation through empowerment and development, a deep commitment to missional living, and much more. 

In as much as God has blessed Mosaic Fellowship, we are a long way from fully realizing our vision. We long to see God move in us and through us, and we long for the Lord to create beauty out of brokenness.