Join us for our Holy Week Services // Good Friday at 3:30pm and Easter Sunday at 7:30am




Discovery Class

Our Discovery Class happens quarterly and the next class is each Sunday morning 8:45-9:45am 10/23 to 11/13. We will cover the following topics in a very conversational format: 

  1. Vision, Mission, and Identity
  2. Reformed Theology and Church Government
  3. Discipleship as a Body
  4. Biblical Peacemaking 

The duration of this class will allow time to fellowship, enjoy food and drink, ask questions, enjoy laughter, learn about each other and the church, and get new folks plugged in well. The fact that it spans 4 weeks, also allows for folks that are relatively new to Mosaic to have more time to grow into community and worship with us before deciding about making a commitment on family partnership.

Click HERE to register for our class starting on 10/23.

Membership Information

Membership is a crucial part to life together at Mosaic. If you are interested in joining the church or just finding out more about the class mentioned above, please contact our pastor, Luke Banner.